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I remember that my first ever comics collection was Tonton Young’s PUPUNG. I was roughly 9 years old back then when I met Mang Dom, Day, Dagul, Larry Bird, Lelong and Douglas at Pupung’s Lugawan.

I tried other comics like Kulas, Best of Simo, Baltic & Co. but Pupung will always be my first love.

Then of course, there’s Pugad Baboy by my kapwa Thomasian, Pol Medina Jr. The classic one. I started reading this only last year because it gave me the impression that it’s an adult joke book but then after reading it, I realized that Pugad Baboy is kind of a revolutionary comic relief for people. The punchlines made sense and I am convinced why Pugad Baboy is a household name when it comes to Pinoy Comics. 

(Photo by: Pugadbaboyunleashed)

Yesterday, I went to Komikon 2014 and the only reason I went all the way to Pasig is to grab the latest copy of Kiko Machine by Manix Abrera. It’s considered one of the most popular Pinoy comics nowadays.

I don’t need to explain how good Kiko Machine is. You just have to try it to know how “Asteeg” it is. My favorite would be “12” (the biggest one) which contains his silent comics.

These two are the only thing I bought in Komikon 2014 ‘cause I was in a hurry that day. I’m planning to attend again next year and will definitely buy more! :)

With the rise of Philippine Azkal and UAAP superstars, Football and Volleyball are both enjoying the fame and attention despite of the Philippines being a “basketball crazy” country.

Sadly, not all sports is receiving that kind of strong support. Let’s take for example, Wrestling. Yesterday, I went to a Wrestlemania Live Viewing Party and was a bit disappointed to see less than 70 people around that bar. I wonder what happened to the wrestling community in the Philippines and why it is not receiving the same attention as compare to volleyball and football.


(Taken during the Wrestlemania Live Viewing Party)

However, I commend those ardent fans (I’m including myself on that list) who are still passionate about wrestling. Despite of the declining support especially from the Philippine media, we did not abandon wrestling. True fans, yes. I wish more fans would show their support to WWE so that these Wrestling superstars will visit Philippines again. Can we not make an official WWE Philippines Club with a membership card? I’m willing to be an officer. HAHAHA.

Thoughts about Wrestlemania XXX:

  • Seeing Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Stone Cold together made me miss the Attitude era.
  • Stephanie Mcmahon is so hot. Triple H is a one lucky guy.
  • What happened to Rey Mysterio? He’s giving me the impression that he is no longer relevant to WWE. If only we can bring back Eddie Guerrero ..
  • Big Show should’ve won that Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale. Not that I am against Cesaro but who is he anyway? Big Show is somehow Andre The Giant’s successor in this era. I appreciate his handshake though.
  • I am still questioning why of all people, they chose Bray Wyatt to face John Cena. The match didn’t excite me. Cena’s entrance was so lame and untypical for him. Although I get the message of the match that the Wyatt is a representation of Cena’s temptation to revert from the “Good Guy Cena” to “Dr. of Thuganomics” again. When Wyatt lost in a short and unconvincing manner, it shows that we have to play along with the idea of Cena winning by being the nice guy. Sorry, haters but that’s part of business.


(Cena hugging this kid right after his match against Wyatt is a symbolism that WWE turning Cena in to a heel is bad for business because of his large following of young supporters)

  • Not that I care about Dave Batista being booed but when the booing comes from his fellow Filipinos, then it’s bothering.


("The Animal" doesn’t give a shit about the booing ) 

  • Randy Orton can’t carry WWE. He’s boring. ‘nuff said.
  • Daniel Bryan’s Yes Movement is a real deal. Surviving that RKO + Batista Bomb table slam earned him my respect.
  • I’m not interested with the Divas Championship. I only have two rightful divas champion in my mind and that’s Lita and Trish Stratus.


(Trish Stratus inducting Lita to Hall of Fame moved me to tears)

  • Undertaker’s heavy montage of his Wrestlemania journey during his entrance is unknowingly, a  foreshadowing that the streak will end this time.
  • Ending the Undertaker’s streak is bigger than winning any championship. But we don’t get it why they WWE gave that privilege to Brock Lesnar instead of  Triple H or HBK. But more important than not, WHY DECIDE TO END THE STREAK? It’s like taking Undertaker’s identity! The Mother in HIMYM is dead and now the deadman’s streak is officially dead. Why is everything dying?


(Undertaker losing to Wrestlemania is dubbed as the saddest day in Pro Wrestling history)

  • I refuse to acknowledge Brock Lesnar’s win just like how WWE refuse to give Chris Benoit’s Hall of Fame status.


(Vince Mcmahon wants to erase Benoit from WWE history)

Despite of the dismal result, the dead man’s match against Lesnar was enough to gain the right amount of buzz for wrestling, showing that WWE is capable of changing what has become usual for us.

I am a fan of VSCO Cam app so the moment I discovered that a presets for Lightroom exist, I knew I had to download it to post process my photos. The mobile app version is only limited to 10 presets while the presets for lightroom is limitless. These are the sample photos using the VSCO Cam Film Presets :) I appreciate now the value of grains. :)

There’s a freaking scene in Wolf of Wall Street where Cristin Millioti’s character (Teresa) discovered that his husband, Jordan (Leonardo Di Caprio) is cheating on her. Cristin Millioti beats Leonardo Di Caprio to death and even asked him if he loves her.

Now if someone here in TUMBLR can make a GIF of that scene but instead of Leonardo Di Caprio’s face, they’ll change it Josh Radnor’s and the girl in the limo would be Cobie Smulders.

I just want to redeem Tracy McConnell’s character. I want a scene where we see her punch Ted to death and make him feel that he’s a cheater for not letting go of Robin and for not being loyal to Tracy.

SPOILER ALERT. Do not read if you still haven’t watched the FINALE. Although I encourage those fans who are still ranting to read my post because in the end, I have come up with my own version of the FINALE and I will make myself believe it was the real finale to calm my nerves down.


I decided to tweak my classic photo of holding a yellow umbrella to a black one … because I can’t take this shit anymore. I am mourning because something really special to me was murdered in front of my eyes.

I watched the HIMYM’s finale 3 hours ago and my feelings are still uncontrollable. It was beyond painful. There are no words to describe what I am feeling right now. I expected already that i would cry because of the finale but not in this fucking way.

Carter and Craig, I expected a lot from you. We all thought we are on the same page. That you made this TV show because you want everyone to believe in true love … in waiting for the right time because yes, timing is a bitch but our true love is just around the corner and s/he’s getting here as fast as s/he can. You made us believe that all the shits that are happening in our life will someday make sense … that these are all needed to happen because we need to become that person “suited” for our “the one”.

We waited for 9 seasons, Carter and Craig. We waited for Ted finally meeting the love of his life and live happily ever after. We don’t want reality being rubbed in to our face because as far as I know, we are watching a TV Show and a TV show should give what the audience wants and what the audience deserves.  But we are not merely an audience. We are the fans and we are passionate fans. Regardless of all the negative comments about the show being dragging and annoying, we stayed until the finale because we are hoping you’ll make those haters shut up and give us what we really want.

At this age, fan letters are still prominent. Have you ever read some? Have you ever checked the several fanpage of the show? Have you heard our voices literally screaming that we are sick and tired of Ted and Robin? That they better remain friends because we felt that Robin and Barney are truly in love with each other … that no matter how hard their relationship is going to be, they are going to make a way from it because TRUE LOVE always make a way. 

I refuse to believe that this is the ending you have planned since the beginning. So what if you need to shoot right away the finale from Season 1 just because you have already pre-written the finale?! Well, I’d rather see them as grown ups and whatever fucking continuity shits you need to establish than to show us this lousy ending hidden under your sleeves for the past 9 years. Who told you to use that clip just because you have already filmed it? I just need to remind you that you wouldn’t have reached this point of success if it weren’t for fans like us who continue to support this show! You could’ve at least showed us some respect by giving us an ending we deserve and we want.

Killing the mother is absurd but tolerable for me. I know that death is inevitable and I thought the show wants us to believe that love is until eternity. That’s why the finale’s title is “LAST FOREVER” right? BUT NO! You did not give justice to her death. You disrespected her character. You gave us a whole season of a wedding weekend and you can’t even show a fucking funeral scene for her!

Oh, speaking of the wedding weekend! Thank you for tricking us in to believing that Barney and Robin are perfect for each other for years! That Barney is capable of changing for his one true love and that he can inspire playboys out there to start searching and get their own version of “HER”. Thank you for ruining SWARKLES. (But a sincere thank you for not messing up with Marshall and Lily’s marriage because they are the only perfect thing that remains in the show)

I don’t know what’s with Robin’s character that made her deserve this limelight. She’s an idiot and God, I want to slap her in the face. I thought the reason all along why Ted started his story about him meeting Aunt Robin is because without Robin, Barney won’t settle down and without the wedding, he’s not going to meet the Mother. It’s like Robin led his way to the Mother! But it didn’t work that way because the writers are absolutely in love with Robin and Ted and they want them to end up because they want losers like ted in real life to believe that you must not give up chasing the wrong girl because one day, after your rebound girl dies, you’ll end up with each other. Now I hate Ted and Robin. No! I despise them! I refuse to watch this show again because I am sick and tired of that blue French horn! I want to get a hammer and torn it into pieces! That’s how mad I am! WHAT’S THE SENSE OF THE LETTING GO SCENE IN THE SUNRISE EPISODE?! My God, Mosby! You deserve to be left at the altar by Stella because who knows! You might still be inlove with Robin! Victoria does not deserve you too, you scumbag!

It felt like the reason why The Mother (or should I call her Tracy now) appeared in Ted’s life is because they need her UTERUS and EGG CELLS to make a child that Robin couldn’t have! She’s the key to Ted and Robin. She’ll give Ted his dream kids and then she’ll die because she has to make way for Ted and Robin. YOU MADE HER THE RED HERRING … YOU MADE HER BECOME THE TRICK IN THIS PATHETIC MAGIC SHOW AND I CAN’T FORGIVE YOU, CARTER AND CRAIG. THIS IS AIN’T GAME OF THRONES!

You are lucky that this show falls to April Fools’ Day. I am going to treat this as a HUGE JOKE. Now please re-edit that scene. I don’t care about the continuity between the kids sitting in their sofa. MAKE CRISTIN MILLIOTI ENTER THAT LAST SCENE WITH HER YELLOW UMBRELLA.

Or if you wish to stick with her death, this is the most acceptable ending for us:

The Mother is in her deathbed. Her family is around her.. She gave Ted the permission to fall in love again (thus showing suspense that maybe Ted and Robin will still end up in the future) and then Ted will say in her deathbed …

“I will remain faithful to you because our love for each other is meant to last forever”

Then cut to the funeral scene. It’s raining and then the gang will comfort Ted. Ted will exit the scene with The Mother’s yellow umbrella and cut to the 2030 scene of Ted telling to his kids ..

*In Bob Saget’s voice*

“Kids, that’s the story of how I met your mother. She may have died but she’s not alone. She has Max with her up there in heaven and she’s watching over us. Everything has its reason kids. All my struggles  just to be in the same road to meet your mother are meant to happen and are all worth it. Because I met the love of my life and without her, you wouldn’t be here with me” 

Then cut to the scene of the kids smiling in the sofa! (They don’t need to say anything as long as it has been established that the reason for Ted telling the story to his kids is because he is grateful to the mother for allowing him to become a FATHER. Right?)

Then to end the show, there’s a montage of different scenes with Ted and the gang with the Mother, The Mosby’s family adventures while the Mother is battling with her sickness and then a close up photo of the gang together with the mother at Mclaren’s.


Is that really hard, Carter and Craig? This is something you are going to regret for the rest of your lives so please, we are all begging you, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We are going to wait for the real HIMYM’s FINALE.

You have inspired me to become a scriptwriter for a TV show someday and I agree that not all stories have a happy ending in real life that’s why you want to show a more “realistic” ending to the show that I love the most. But the ending you chose is not that way. HIMYM is supposed to inspire people and not to break their hearts. I thought we are really on the same page. I am really disappointed. This is the hardest SLAP of my life ever.

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