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My friends are very much aware of my hearing difficulty. It all started 5 years ago. My Mom is concerned about me. They can almost hear the songs in my ipod where in fact, I was wearing an earphone. I also kept on having “misheard moments”. I keep on saying “Ha?” and then ask my friend to repeat his/her words. All these years, I am used to people shouting “Bingi!” on me, especially on our campus when I’m walking around and then someone will shout “Chengggg” but I won’t be able to notice it unless my friend would tell “Huy may tumatawag sayo!” but it was too late already. :( 

When I started working, I felt that my hearing ability is starting to get worse. For some people, they thought I was “shouting” where, in fact, that was my normal voice! Since I was afraid to offend anybody with my “commanding voice”, I decided to stop talking at work unless I really have to. 

So this morning, I feel physically and mentally exhausted. I decided to ask permission if I could skip work. I took this opportunity to visit my Otolaryngologist (Ear doctor) in Medical City. I remember visiting that clinic 5 years ago (2009) before entering UST because my Mother is wary that this hearing difficulty could affect my performance in College. I recall that my case wasn’t that severe and I was only asked to take this particular vitamin. 

However, things are not the same a while ago. Dr. Jarin told me that there’s nothing wrong with my eardrums, but it was probably my “ear nerves” that was damaged. There, he dropped the bomb.

I need to wear “hearing aids”. 

My Mom and I went to the American Hearing Center in Podium for hearing aids fitting. I undergo in a Air Conduction Test and was a bit relieved when they told me my case is MILD and not severe. However, when my Mom asked them how much a hearing aid cost, feeling ko biglang luminaw yung pandinig ko.

Mom: How much? 
AHC: Depende po Mam. Yung pinaka mura na po is 44,000. Depends kung gaano pa kadiscreet yung hearing aid. 
Mom: Ha? Ang mahal! Eh yung battery nun, ilang years ang span?
AHC: Mam, 1 week lang po
Me: Grabe naman! Mag aral na lang ako mag sign language. :)) 

I tried wearing it and felt a little bit of difference from my normal. AHC told me na baka nakapag adapt na ako kaya naninibago ako using it. In my case, optional pa to use. But sooner or later, I’ll be needing a hearing aid forever. :( My ears are starting to deteriorate and only a hearing aid can slow it down. However, unlike eyeglasses, hearing aids cannot provide complete correction for the impairment. No hearing aid will restore hearing to normal or provide a perfect substitute for normal hearing. 

So yeah, we ended up not buying a hearing aid. Right now, I can only depend on that vitamin to improve my hearing. 

Maybe science has a miracle to give. Or God has a greater plan. Besides, hearing through ears is different from listening through your heart. I am emotionally ready for this. :) 

As part of our barkada’s 7th Anniversary, we recently launched our own Coffee Table Book where we recall the history of our friendship, how it all started in high school, how we survived college jitters and our very own “Friendship Strengthening Projects” :) 

If you ask me why we need to do these kind of stuff? Well, we wanted to leave a legacy. We’re only a group of five so we are closely knitted to each other. We were together through thick and thin. We all wanted to be an inspiration to future generations. This is our definition of True Friendship.

(Book Cover) 


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(My Profile)

A preview of USS Friendship Strengthening Project page. 

Our #1 secret/tip to the True Friendship road?  
You have to be there during the BIG MOMENTS of each other’s life. 

(USS Trivias)

USS Coffee Table Book Back Cover

It took me 2 months to finish this project, but I’m so happy with the end result! :) Being a graphic designer is no easy task, but I love my best friends so much so there, I was able to finish it. Special thanks to Photobook Philippines for the nice printing quality! 

USS (minus Rachy) during our 7th Anniversary Celebratory Dinner. See that yellow piece of awesomeness? That’s our Coffee Table Book! All for legacy of True Friendship.

I will always be a Dominican at heart.

I will always be a Dominican at heart.


So the HIMYM alternate ending was leaked online and I was able to watch it a while ago. Being a self confessed hardcore HIMYM fan, I was vocal when I said how the televised ending was a disaster. You know that feeling when you thought that you have this great and perfect relationship and then suddenly waking up realizing that everything was a big lie? The original finale left me heartbroken for 6 months with no amount of comfort foods to compensate the pain it caused me. I thought we and the show’s creators had the understanding of the concept of true love. That in life, there are setbacks and difficulties, but those are just the universe’s ways in putting you “at the right place, at the right time”.

That’s how the alternate ending solved the problem. Ted is explaining to his kids how complicated it was for him to be with The Mother and how everything was so worth it because he was able to meet the love of his life. 

He started his story with Marshall planning to propose to Lily. This woken up Ted and decided he wants his own version of true love that he thought he could get on Robin but failed miserably. He went to date a lot of girls, but could not find what he was looking for. He thought Robin was the woman for him until he saw how happy she was with Barney. I remain faithful with my opinion that Ted was never been in love with Robin but only to the idea of romance sparked by Marshall and Lily’s relationship. He wants to have that kind of love and given how hopeless romantic he is, he’ll pursue it no matter how painful it is. That’s Ted and he deserves a woman who’ll make him see how the sheer beauty and the complexity of the story justifies all the difficulties in his life. For me, that is the essence of How I Met Your Mother. It was not about how he really met the mother, but how he became the guy the mother deserved, and how the moment he met her, he knew he would love her forever. All thanks to Robin and his previous heartaches, he was able to grow into a more mature person. 

The alternate ending is what we all wanted. How can they not get that? Of course, there are still questions remained unanswered and that things won’t fit in terms of continuity, but this is way much better than the original one. 

We are not sure that the Mother did not die, but at least we are assured that Ted and Robin will never get back together because the alternate ending has implications that Barney and Robin are back together after the Divorce. (Future Ted in his narrative said “Things fall apart, but things get back together” with close ups of Barney and Robin so yes, we knew Barnman and Robin are back with the bad ass Baby Ellie!) 

With this ending, I can finally die in peace. 

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